Full Staff Listing

Name Title Phone
Aaron Bryant Avenue South Pastor 615.324.6106
Aaron Kunz Student Ministry Intern 615.324.6268
Adam Dye Technical Director 615.324.6162
Adam Wheatley Avenue South Worship Minister
Amanda Young Kairos Administrative Assistant 615-324-6281
Amy Carter-Tassone Children's Minister 615.324.6135
Amy Fairchild Medical Dental Unit 615.324.6248
Amy Hill Station Hill Preschool Minister 615.324.6272
Amy-Jo Girardier Girls Minister/Student Missions Coordinator 615.324.6134
Ann Edwards Preschool Minister 615.324.6108
Beryl Corey Director of Special Ministries, Deaf Church 615.324.6103
Brad Smith Associate Children's Minister 615.324.6193
Bradley Cleveland Music and Worship Associate 615.324.6180
Brandon Abbott Marketing Director 615.324.6157
Brenda Shaffer Facility Crew Supervisor 615.324.6166
Brian Coates Station Hill Discipleship Minister (615) 324-6276
Brian Dodridge Executive Pastor 615.324.6107
Bryce Fowler Stewardship Administrative Assistant 615.324.6141
Carrie Greening Music & Worship Ministry Assistant 615.324.6285
Carrie Griffin Music & Worship Production Coordinator 615.324.6257
Chris Blanton Middle School Minister 615.324.6154
Chris Meece Assistant Technical Director 615.324.6142
Cliff Duren Music & Worship Associate Minister 615.324.6188
Craig Bradshaw Food Services Director 615.324.6155
Craig Oakley Associate Facility Manager 615.324.6167
Dana Anderson Station Hill Interim Children's Minister
Darrel Girardier Online/Social Media Director 615.324.6243
Dave Alan Creative Director 615.324.6175
David Hayes Facilities Office Assistant 615.324.6110
Debo Morris Preschool Resource Coordinator 615.324.6158
Dennis Worley Music & Worship Minister 615.324.6129
Donna Anthony Contribution Clerk 615.324.6170
Donna Soliz Assistant to Discipleship Minister 615.324.6118
Ellie Axford Special Needs Coordinator 615.324.6140
Gayle Haywood Senior Adult/Congregational Care Minister 615.324.6133
Helen Hargrove Receptionist/Security 615.324.6100
Jamie Bennett Missions Finance Assistant 615.324.6105
Jay Fennell Adult Minister - Groups 615.324.6251
Jay Strother Station Hill Pastor 615.324.6275
Jeremy Busler Station Hill Music & Worship Minister 615.324.6274
Jim Jenkins Stewardship Minister & RockBridge Foundation Director 615.324.6116
Jim Vance Facilities Manager 615.324.6120
JoEllen Taylor Missions Mobilization Assistant 615.324.6187
John Dyer Media Director 615.324.6137
Josh Jenkins Web Developer 615.324.6159
Julia Kasick Student Ministry Assistant 615.324.6126
Julie Wheeler Accounts Payable Accountant 615.324.6114
Karyn Caldwell Student Ministry Assistant 615.324.6288
Katie Allred Web Manager 615.324.6280
Keely Boggs Media Assistant 615.324.6226
Ken Corr Congregational Care Minister 615.324.6169
Kerri Taliaferro Records Administrator 615.324.6112
Kimwanis Jordan Deaf Church Assistant
Kitty Montross HR Coordinator 615.324.6113
Larry Hutcheson Hospitality Coordinator 615.324.6163
Laura Chaudhry Communications Project Manager 615.324.6138
Lauren O'Neill Administrative Assistant to Senior Adults and Congregational Care 615.324.6177
Leslie Todd Congregational Care Coordinator 615.324.6109
Linc Taylor Student Minister 615.324.6144
Lisa Francisco Business Administrator 615.324.6130
Lisa Frazier Assistant to Executive Pastor 615.324.6165
Lynda Carter Music & Worship Ministry Assistant 615.324.6128
Mark Wolfe IT Director 615.324.6163
Matt Purdom Kairos Discipleship Minister 615.324.6246
Matthew Page Avenue South Discipleship Minister 615.324.6151
Melissa Hamilton Brentwood Young Children's School Director 615.324.6161
Melissa Hayes Adult Ministries Assistant - Leadership and Mentor Relationships 615.324.6143
Meredith Wheatley Kairos Connection Coordinator 615.324.6168
Michael Boggs Kairos/11:11 Worship Minister
Michael Volbeda Associate Executive Pastor 615.324.6125
Michele Dyer PLACE Ministry Facilitator 615.975.6381
Mignon Camp Brentwood Young Children's School Assistant Director 615.324.6117
Mike Glenn Senior Pastor 615.324.6127
Mike Lawrence Music & Worship Instrumental Minister 615.324.6139
Nancy Degraff PLACE Ministry Administrator 615.324.6253
Parker Bradley Video Production Director 615.324.6115
Rachel Baker Missions Minister Assistant 615.324.6249
Ridley Barron Interim Station Hill Student Minister 615.324.6277
Roger Severino Adult Minister - Leadership 615.324.6132
Ryan Harmon Regional Campus Communications Associate - Station Hill 615.324.6247
Sandra Douglass Preschool Minister - Associate 615.324.6145
Scott Harris Missions Minister 615.324.6123
Seth Christian Video Segment Producer 615.324.6136
Sharon Fairchild Mission Journey Minister 615.324.6245
Sheila Davey Controller 615.324.6111
Sonnie Bain Adult Ministries Assistant - On and Off Campus Groups 615.324.6119
Starr Nolan Preschool Administrative Assistant 615.324.6122
Steve Layton Discipleship Minister 615.324.6241
Steve Smith Communications Minister 615.324.6104
Steven Wald Church Multiplication Assistant 615.324.6174
Sue Caldwell Librarian 615.324.6124
Sue Raley Preschool Ministry Specialist 615.377.6035
Susan Hill Adults Minister - Groups Associate 615.324.6283
Susan Marshall Deaf Church Assistant 615.290.5156
Susan Nicholas Contributions Accountant 615.324.6147
Tessa Morrell Editorial Manager 615.324.6201
Tim Holcomb Adult Minister - Mentor Relationships 615.324.6172
Todd Bishop Assimilation Minister 615.324.6163
Todd Evans Graphic Designer 615.324.6121
Tracy Ketring Station Hill Administrative Assistant 615.324.6271
Tricia Cramer Children's Ministry Assistant 615.324.6131
Vicki Howell Community Missions Minister 615.324.6258
Yunhan Gwo Chinese Minister 615.324.6185