About Brentwood Baptist Church Governance

Members can use this section of the website to learn more about the governance of our church, as well as explore the various reports generated by the Trustees and Staff Resources Team.

How Brentwood Baptist is Governed

Our governance structure is based on the biblical principle that the local church is an autonomous, self-governing body of baptized believers and is accountable to God for its decisions and actions. The ultimate authority for governance is vested in the membership in a congregational form of church governance. The Scriptures provide latitude in how a church makes leadership and administrative decisions.

Church governance at Brentwood Baptist takes the form of a few key teams with specific roles as outlined in the Brentwood Baptist Church Bylaws.

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You can learn more about these teams below.


The Trustees of Brentwood Baptist Church serve as a lay leadership team elected by, and accountable to, the Members. The Trustees are empowered by the Members to ensure alignment of ministries with the Church's mission and vision, to give oversight to the ongoing operations of the Church, and to provide counsel and support to the Senior Pastor.

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Finance Ministry Team

The Finance Ministry Team encourages members to commit their tithe to the work of the church through stewardship education. For other responsibilities and a list of current team members, click below.

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Staff Resource Team (SRT)

The Staff Resource Team oversees and organizes the church staff, including job descriptions to ensure appropriate staffing levels.

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Rockbridge Foundation Trustees

The RockBridge Foundation, originally called the Brentwood Baptist Foundation, was established in response to the vision of Bill Wilson, the first pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church. Bill's plan was to fund mission activities through estate gifts and current giving to the foundation. Bill believed that such a foundation would put Brentwood Baptist in position to respond in a timely manner to ministry opportunities such as; natural disasters, beginning new congregations, financially supporting those going on mission trips, the financial needs of our seminary students and other ministries that may not even exist today.

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Other Leadership Teams


The mission of our church compels us to actively minister to others and connect them to Jesus Christ. Our deacons, a pastoral care ministry of our church, are the hands and feet of Brentwood Baptist who serve our members and reach out to our community.

Deacons are to serve the church, in accordance with the standards outlined in Acts 6:1-7 and 1 Timothy 3.

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Important Documents

Browse important documents regarding our church governance including quarterly business reports, church budgets, bylaws and more.

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