Brentwood Baptist Governance Leadership Qualifications

Qualifications for Trustees

  • A nominee must be one who has demonstrated toward Brentwood Baptist Church and God’s kingdom the agape love described in 1 Corinthians 13—patience, kindness, humility, and self-sacrifice.
  • A nominee’s life must reflect the fruit of the Spirit described in Galatians 5.
  • A nominee must be at least 25 years of age and have been a member of Brentwood Baptist Church for a minimum of three years at the time service begins. (Exception: A deacon nominee must be a member for a minimum of one year.)
  • A nominee must reflect and have demonstrated spiritual maturity, godly wisdom, and a committed faith that is evidence of the lordship of Jesus Christ in his or her life.
  • A nominee must have demonstrated a consistency in stewardship by tithing to the church at a minimal level of giving.
  • A nominee must be an active participant in Brentwood Baptist Church and must demonstrate a commitment to the vision, mission, objective, values, and goals of the church.
  • A nominee must be willing to follow scriptural principles for conflict resolution, maintain confidentiality, and make decisions objectively without bias to particular areas of ministry.
  • A nominee must be viewed as demonstrating a high standard of the Christ-like life and be free from behavior that would negatively affect the ministry of the church including, but not limited to, sexual immorality, gambling, the use or distribution of drugs (except as prescribed by a physician), and alcohol.
  • A trustee may not serve as a ministry team leader, an active a deacon officer, a member of a standing committee, or an employee of the church at the same time the person serves as trustee. A person serving in one of these positions may be nominated and elected as a trustee, but he or she must resign the conflicting position prior to assuming the role of a trustee.

Trustee Responsibilities

The Trustees of the Church serve as a lay leadership team elected by, and accountable to, the members. The Trustees are empowered by the members to ensure alignment of ministries with the Church's mission and vision, to give oversight to the ongoing operations of the Church, and to provide oversight, counsel, and support to the pastors. The Trustees serve as a liaison between the Church and the staff to integrate the total work of the Church. Membership has delegated and entrusted to the Trustees all governing authority for the Church not specifically retained by the members in the Charter or these Bylaws. (Article VII 7.1 Brentwood Baptist Church Bylaws 2012)

Standing Committee Responsibilities

Standing committees, also known as teams, are established to assist the Trustees with oversight of key ongoing operations of the Church. Standing committees may be changed by the Trustees depending on the needs of the Church. (Article X 10.2 Brentwood Baptist Church Bylaws 2012)

Qualifications for Deacons

  • The basic qualification has to do with the character and reputation of the individual in his relation to Jesus Christ and to the local church. On the basis of this consideration, all others are built. The church determines what they desire and expect in an active deacon on the basis of Scriptures and the needs of Brentwood Baptist Church.
  • He should measure up to the requirements of Acts 6:1-6 and I Timothy 3:8-13
  • He must be 25 years of age or older (being married is not considered as a Scriptural requirement).
  • He must have been a member of the Brentwood Baptist Church for at least one (1) full year immediately preceding Deacon nomination. This will apply to those who have held membership in Brentwood Baptist Church previously as well as those who join for the first time. It is waived for men who are ordained by another Baptist Church.
  • He must continuously prove his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ through his attendance, ministry, witness, service, and support of the total program of Brentwood Baptist Church. He must affirm and support the total Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values adopted by Brentwood Baptist Church.
  • He must be a practicing tither to Brentwood Baptist Church.
  • He must display a cooperative attitude toward membership of Brentwood Baptist church and staff, refrain from destructive criticism, and be willing to settle all difficulties in a quiet and Christian manner.
  • It is expected that he be a man of good reputation bringing no reproach by his conduct upon himself, the Lord, or His Church.
  • He should honor the privacy of those things shared with him in confidence either by an individual or the Deacon body.\Those elected to the Active Deacon Body are expected to attend the monthly Deacons’ Meetings unless providentially hindered.
  • Each member of the Active Deacon Body will be expected to participate in the pastoral care ministry of Brentwood Baptist Church.

Deacon Responsibilities

  1. Being an active part of your team
    • Attend team meetings
    • Attend monthly Deacon Breakfasts
    • Attend Deacon Training (or watching videos if you miss)
    • Reading and responding to Deacon e-mails in a timely manner
    • Good communication with your team leader
  2. Visits to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and funeral homes
  3. Sending cards and letters and making phone calls to CareRing lists, new members, etc
  4. Lord’s Supper and Lord’s Supper preparation
  5. Participating in Sunday activities the week your team is on duty
    • Baptisms
    • Pray with Senior Pastor at team meetings and at the alter
  6. Participating in Easter & Christmas Eve services as requested
  7. Widow ministry
  8. Ability to present the Gospel
  9. Regular Prayer & Bible Study times

More Information

Trustees, deacons, Staff Resource Team, Finance Ministry Team, and Rockbridge Foundation serve all of the Brentwood Baptist campuses. West Franklin and Woodbine members will be available for nomination in August 2015.

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