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Mike Glenn serves as Senior Pastor of Brentwood Baptist. Since 1991, membership has skyrocketed from 900 to more than 8,500. Known as a gifted communicator with a unique ability to speak into any generation, his passion is reaching young adults.

"When I was in seminary, I was told by a friend of mine that I could 'make change.' He told me, 'You can take these million-dollar ideas we talk about in theology and break them down into 20s and 10s for everyone else to use.' And I guess that pretty much sums up my ministry as pastor. I can understand the big ideas of theology, but I've been able to break them down so people can use them in the places where they live. The local church has to make the great truths of our faith work in real life. Most of my ministry has been about 'making change'…helping brothers and sisters understand the good news of the gospel in their current life setting."

On Tuesday nights, Mike is the Teaching Pastor at a worship service called Kairos, geared toward young adults who have a passion for growing in the Word of God. Since it began in 2005, attendance has grown to more than 1,200.
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Mike's published books include In Real Time: Authentic Young Adult Ministry As it Happens (2009), which tells the story of Kairos, and The Gospel of Yes (2012), helping readers discover the "yes" they're called to in life and learn to live positively in Christ—the ultimate "yes" of God. Mike says, "The power of life is in what we live for not what we live against."
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Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, Mike is a graduate of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He's married to Jeannie and they have twin sons: Chris (married to Deb) and Craig (married to Nan).