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Severe Weather Policies

In case of inclement weather, we have two primary concerns: your safety and good communication. Please check this site for updates or call 324-6173 to check our event cancellation line. Our ongoing Inclement Weather Policies for event cancellations and/or the closing of the church offices are as follows:

Cancellations of Sunday morning activities

When inclement weather begins on Sunday morning:

A decision will be made by 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning whether to cancel services. Information will be posted on the Event Cancellation line at 324-6173 and on the website. In the event inclement weather begins while activities are in process, an early dismissal decision will be made and communicated.


In those instances where severe weather hinders normal operation of the church office, the following guidelines will be used:

Any decision on closing the office or delay of the office’s opening will be made as soon as is practical, and that information will be placed on the church voicemail system and on website homepage.

Cancellation of scheduled WEEKLY activities

When inclement weather begins on Saturdays or weekdays other than Wednesday evening:

A decision will be made no later than 1:00 p.m. whether to cancel activities. The minister responsible for the activity will post the information on the Event Cancellation line at 324-6173 and on the website. In the event inclement weather begins while activities are in process, a decision will be made by minister responsible for the activity in collaboration with the Facilities Manager.

When inclement weather begins on a Sunday or Wednesday:

A decision will be made by 1:00 p.m. on Sundays and 1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays whether to cancel activities. Information will be on the Event Cancellation line at 324-6173 and on the website. In the event inclement weather begins while activities are in process, a decision will be made regarding dismissal by staff minister in charge.

Cancellation of BYCS

Brentwood Young Children's School follows the decision of Williamson County School system. If WCS cancels classes, BYCS will not meet. If WCS begins late, BYCS will open at 10:00 A.M. If WCS closes early, BYCS will close 30 minutes after high school and middle school which would be 30 minutes before elementary school. In the event of closing early, the car pickup line will not run. Please come inside to pick up your child. This information will be posted on the Event Cancellation line at 324-6173 and on our website.

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Learn about our policies regarding the use of church facilities for weddings and other events.

We, the body of believers called Brentwood Baptist Church, have been blessed through prayer, sacrificial giving and diligent effort to occupy the facilities at 7777 Concord Road. These facilities will enable us to continually focus on our mission…..Connecting people to Jesus Christ through relationships, discipleship and worship. The rapid expansion of BBC has necessitated that we expand and formalize church policies.

These procedures are not designed to make it more difficult to administer our programs, rather they will help us use our resources in the most efficient way possible to better support our expanding ministries. In addition, we need to ensure that we have taken the necessary precautions to limit our liability in areas such as fire safety and security. It will be the responsibility of each staff member to communicate these polices to the members of the congregation assisting with facility usage. Because we receive a large volume of requests to use our facility, we can only consider events that help carry out the stated mission, vision, & values of Brentwood Baptist Church.

We must, as caretakers of the Lord’s house, take proactive steps to ensure that the:

  • ministries of our church have adequate facilities, resources, and time to meet our ministry goals.
  • users of our facility meet our stated mission, vision, values.
  • facilities are protected against loss or misuse by all users.
  • policies are followed by all users.
  • life of our facilities is extended through a proper and proactive maintenance replacement and purchasing program for additional equipment and furnishings.
  • users of our facility complete and follow up with any necessary forms and documentation.

The Facility Management Office and Staff Leadership Team will assist with these objectives and oversee the use of our facility. They also reserve the right to change scheduling and use of the building at any time.

Wedding Policies/Forms

If you're interested in scheduling a wedding at Brentwood Baptist, either the BRIDE or GROOM must be members or regular attenders of this church. Verification of regular attendance requires a letter from a Brentwood Baptist minister.

For non-members whose parents are members of Brentwood Baptist, special consideration will be made by the wedding committee in those cases.

Rental Fees: 
Baskin Chapel - $1,000 
Worship Center - $1,200 
Security Deposit (in addition to the rental fee) - $500

A security deposit is required before a wedding can be entered into our scheduling system. The deposit will be refunded 10-20 days after the wedding if no damage has been done to any venues used.

For more information, to schedule a consultation, or to continue the process of scheduling a wedding, please contact David Hayes at 615.324.6110.