1. Loving God With Our Minds

    January 29th

    Baptists, throughout their history, have not been a people that value education or intellect. We are a people of emotions. A thoughtful and rational presentation of the gospel was considered to be “old, dry religion.” We would much prefer a sermon that tugged at our hearts a... (continue reading)

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  2. The Truth About Jesus

    January 25th

    Why does the world think Jesus is interchangeable with any other religious leader or founder? Why does our culture think Jesus is on par with Buddha, Mohammed, Joseph Smith or. . .well, you can fill in the blank. Why do people think that Jesus is just another religious teacher w... (continue reading)

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  3. The Empty Tomb

    January 22nd

    If you go to the Holy Land and take a tour of Jerusalem, you will be taken to the place that, according to historians and the traditional stories, Jesus was buried. The tour guide will give you a few minutes to step up to the protective gate and look into the empty tomb. Your im... (continue reading)

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  4. IF

    January 18th

    “If” is a big word in the English language. Should you look this word up (as I just did) you will discover “if” has to do with possibilities, opportunities and the consequences that come when those opportunities are either taken or missed. In our daily con... (continue reading)

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  5. Answering An Important Question

    January 13th

    Jesus was asked, what is the greatest commandment? This sounds like a question I would ask. If I can only keep one commandment, which one do I really, really have to keep? Jesus responded by saying "Love the Lord your God with all of your heart. . ." And we all ... (continue reading)

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