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September 9th, 2009

Montana church plant launches first service

For the last three years, Brentwood Baptist has partnered with Convergence Ministries, a new church work in Missoula, Montana, through prayer and helping fund the initiative through our Hope for the World Missions Offering.

This summer, a small team of people traveled to the northwest part of the United States on a "family friendly" mission journey to help Rich Ratts, a church planter and missionary in the Missoula Valley area, in his efforts to reach the nearly 90 percent unchurched population of the 65,000 people living there.

Last Wednesday, September 2, Convergence Ministries launched their first public service.

Bob Carlton, Brentwood Baptist Church Planting Minister, said, "I'm excited to report that they had nearly 100 individuals for the first service! While this might seem small to some of's very significant in relation to Montana. An attendance of 100 would make Convergence the fifth largest Southern Baptist church in the state—after just one meeting."

Rich and the rest of the leadership team at Convergence are now actively reviewing registration forms from the last service to determine the number of guests. Rich said the goal is to reach the community relationally. Last spring, he said, "People here are so skeptical and so ruggedly independent. It's going to take Christ-followers living missional lives in relationships with their lost neighbors, friends, and co-workers in order to reach the city."

Bob said, "Please continue to pray for the team at this critical juncture. The follow-up with guests and the continued promotion of the new church is vital. Pray that God will continue to bring light into the darkness of Missoula so that He might be lifted up and individuals will be drawn to Him through Convergence Ministries."

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By Kaylan Christopher