Back Exit 71 Student Ministry Social Site Breaks Record

October 7th, 2009

Exit 71 Student Ministry Social Site Breaks Record

Recently,, Brentwood Baptist Student Ministry's social website, reached 400 people. The site is comparable to Facebook, but creates a safe atmosphere for students and parents to log on.

Amy-Jo Girardier, Girls Minister and Student Missions Minister, said, "We wanted to create a place where students could interact with each other and be able to communicate through videos, groups, and forums. It's us communicating with them, them communicating with us, and them communicating with each other."

Before the Connection Center or Hudson Hall came into being, was an online connection center for the students. At first, students were the main navigators of the site. But since then, parents have logged on to stay connected to their students and the ministry.

"Parents were literally showing up just to find out what their kids were doing and see their pictures," Amy-Jo said. "Now, we have more than 100 parents online. And we just recently renovated the parent page so they can find out what their student is learning on Sunday mornings. It's helping them develop conversation that goes along with the Sunday lesson."

If you're a parent or student and would like to be a part of this online community, simply go to and sign up. Once you fill out a series of questions, the Brentwood Baptist Student Ministry team will approve your request and you can log on.

To log on, click here.

By Kaylan Christopher