Back Men in Action small group starts each day with 6:00 AM conference call

August 10th, 2011

Men in Action small group starts each day with 6:00 AM conference call

Many of us are quite familiar with the sound of an annoying buzzing or beeping or the intrusion of the radio that our alarms bring to us each weekday morning. The great majority of us are equally acquainted with the nearly natural reflex to reach for the snooze button in the attempt to steel a few more moments of sleep.

But since the November of last year, the “Men in Action” Bible study group have embraced this time each morning. At 6:00 a.m., before many alarms have even gone off, these men get together for prayer, counsel, and fellowship.  

The group was meeting each Friday and had started going through the book of Acts. Passages at the end of chapter two stood out to the men in the group, particularly 2:46, which states that the early church were “day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes.”

These passages sparked a discussion amongst the group about the frequency of their interaction. Most people of the contemporary church meet only once a week on Sundays, or, perhaps, once more in a small group Bible study. So, building off of the example of the early church, these men decided to get together early every morning except Friday.

They get together through the wonders of modern technology and the convenience of a conference call provided by one of the members business. But even though they aren't physically communing with each other every day, there's been a marked impact in their lives.

The change from meeting weekly to getting together every morning is crucial. Often times, the people of the church have the view of the Sunday service or Bible study as being like a fuel stop. The tank is filled on Sunday and, hopefully, that will be enough to last till next Sunday.

This isn't God’s intention for getting into the Word, worshipping, or Christian fellowship. Jesus said to take up your cross daily and follow Him. He taught us to ask our Father in heaven for our daily bread, which is especially interesting in light of Jesus’ proclamation to be the Bread of Life.

The daily aspect intended for our walk is found throughout Scripture. These men take the opportunity to begin each day before the thrown of the Almighty God, seek His strength, His joy, and lay their cares down at His feet.

The early morning get together is focused on praying intentionally for one another and the various things that may be affecting their lives. It also provides support and accountability on a daily basis.

“The daily prayer calls,” said one group member, “have allowed me to have a more positive attitude at work. During the morning call, I'm able to release the worries and concerns before I arrive at the office. This allows me to be better at reacting to situations the way Jesus would want me to.”

We're created for community. There's no lone ranger in Christianity. If you think about all those predatory shows on the Discovery Channel, it's always the one wildebeest, zebra, or gazelle, off by itself, that's chased down by the lion or cheetah. Our enemy, who goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, does the same thing.

The morning calls provide the sense of camaraderie amongst the men in the group, that they aren’t fighting by themselves, that other brothers are there with them, encouraging them, praying for them, and holding them accountable. And that makes all the difference.

For these men, this has been a journey. Six o' clock a.m. comes early, and sometimes it's hard to get up. But knowing there are other men counting on you, your prayers, support, and partnership each morning makes it much easier, not to mention the opportunity to see God move.

They've kept a prayer journal and have seen the faithfulness of God both in answering their prayers and changing their lives, fulfilling His purpose as they look more like Christ every day.

Story by Forrest Smith, Volunteer Writer