Back Kairos on Campus, a ministry to college students, kicks off

August 30th, 2011

Kairos on Campus, a ministry to college students, kicks off
Kairos on Campus, a ministry to college students, kicks off
Kairos on Campus, a ministry to college students, kicks off

Back in the "glory days," as Cathy Patterson calls it, John Cook started and funded the Brentwood Baptist College Ministry. He was the driver of that caravan until he recently handed over the reins to Kairos.

This once under-the-radar ministry, now officially dubbed "Kairos on Campus," has been pushed into the spotlight and is increasingly become an extremely vital appendage to this body of Christ.

Cathy Patterson, Kairos Catalyst Minister, who'll be heading up this ministry, said, "There are 90,000 college students within a 50-mile radius of Brentwood Baptist. And we haven't even skimmed the surface of reaching those that fall into that category. College is an important time in a students' lives, so we're placing an importance on this ministry."

According to Cathy, college ministry is necessary to bridge the generational gap from dependent high school student to independent young adult. She said, "This time in their lives is when they get their first taste of independence. They don't have to get up early in the morning. They don't have to do anything they really don't want to do. They have their first class at 10:00 a.m. and are home in time to watch reruns of Saved by the Bell."

But, even though they've gained a newfound freedom, they're also slapped with the added, sometimes daunting responsibilities of becoming an adult: learning life management skills, how to balance a checking account, remembering to eat three meals a day and do their laundry, and so on.

"All of a sudden, they've got all this crazy new stuff happening in their lives," she said. "They've also got a world of ideas and truths that are being forced on them. Kairos on Campus is a safe place where they can find a foundation, where they can find solid ground, where they can learn those skills and grow spiritually."

On Sunday, August 14, Kairos on Campus was officially launched, premiering a unique ministry to college students through Bible study (led by Stephen Wald), worship at the 11:11 a.m. service, and a family-style lunch. Overall, more than 30 students showed up to participate.

From now on, college students in the greater Nashville area can find a unique, grounded college ministry at Brentwood Baptist that offers ways they can consistently develop community—studying the Bible, worshipping together, serving beside one another, and building lifelong friendships:

  • Bible Study: Sundays | 9:30 AM | Inman Deaf Chapel
  • Worship: Sundays | 11:11 AM | Hudson Hall
  • Lunch: Sundays | 12:30 PM | TBD (twice a month, free lunch is offered in the Connection Cafe)
  • LIFE Group: Mondays | Belmont/Vandy/Lipscomb area
There's no denying that every college campus in the Nashville area has its own personality and characteristics—from the spiritual climate to the number of students who commute each week—which then affects the students themselves. And generally, students all over gravitate toward hanging around coffee shops, apartment complexes, restaurants, bookstores, and other local venues.

All these factors—including the research that shows a healthy college ministry takes at least 2-3 years to show growth and form an identity—affect the future of Kairos on Campus, how they intend to reach each set of students, what pace they'll set to do it, and the types of methods they'll use.

"This ministry will be held together by community and spiritual life instead of religious programming. It will be a face-to-face grass roots experience that puts students into Bible study, community, service, and outreach," Cathy said.

The name "Kairos on Campus" explains their mission. The intention isn't for Brentwood Baptist to always be the main hub. Instead, the Kairos crew and those college students who are actively involved will spread out, connecting with other students right where they do life, bringing college campuses in this area together.

"When you love people like Jesus loves them, then people come to Him. We're going to love these students whether they're entrusted to us for a lifetime or for a college semester," Cathy said. "I don't know exactly where we're going, but I can tell you what we're going to do—we're going to keep our eyes on Jesus and let Him show us the next steps. If we do that, we'll build solid community and the rest will be all details."

Story by Kaylan Christopher, Staff Writer

Click here to get more details about Kairos on Campus or contact Cathy Patterson or Jared Burke.