Back JourneyOn@Home Summit debuts on October 1

September 21st, 2011

JourneyOn@Home Summit debuts on October 1

On Saturday, October 1, from 8:30 a.m. to noon in Hudson Hall, the first-ever JourneyOn@Home Summit will debut a new church-wide initiative targeting families.

Linc Taylor, Student Minister who's helping to facilitate this new initiative, said, "This is simply about championing the home. We realize that family dynamics among our congregation are wide and broad—the make-up of it, ages, stages of life. We want to rally around families and teach them core biblical principles that will give them foundation and intentionality in how they relate to each other."

When we say "families," we don't just mean young parents and school-age children. The discipleship team at Brentwood Baptist wants to inject this message into all families.

"We want to equip families to live with intentionality so they can find their own identity and understand healthy relationships. How can we encourage others in our families and affirm their worth?" Linc said.

So what exactly is JourneyOn@Home? It's a part of the still-fresh and new JourneyOn Discipleship program, meant to leave a Christ-like imprint on people's hearts, lives, and homes. It's not a Monday night Bible study. It's not a program. It's about the day-to-day life—living life as you go with intent.

Some parents may be saying:
"I don't know how to lead in my home."
"It's awkward when I lead."
"You don't understand my family."
"This is for other families, not mine—the families who have it all together."
"If I actually try to lead, it may reveal that I don't have it together spiritually."
"I don't see the importance of this. Let the church do the spiritual training."

According to Linc, what the Discipleship Team wants people to know is that this initiative is for all families—healthy, broken, unsure, or grounded.

"We don't want a cookie-cutter approach to home ministry here. Our goal is to develop a framework in which there are five principles in which we can rally around. We want families to begin to view these concepts, or biblical principles, as paths they can walk down together," Linc said.

The five principles include:
1. Make memories to build strong relationships.
2. Create conversations that lead to commitment.
3. Instill truth to build a firm foundation.
4. Affirm the value of each person to confirm worth.
5. Bless family at key moments to encourage godliness.

These five concepts are going to be woven through the fabric of worship, discipleship, and service in our church.

Linc said, "No family is perfect. We all have things we deal with and struggle through. But we want every family to be Christ-centered. A lot of families don't know how to get to that point or know what that looks like. Wherever you are is a good place to start—however good or messy it is."

Click here to find out more details about the JourneyOn@Home Summit, including information on the break-out session taking place, a detailed schedule, and registration.

Story by Kaylan Christopher, Staff Writer