Back Missionary Joey Lankford builds tunnels and creates jobs in South Africa

May 16th, 2012

Living Way is just one of the arms that extends from Living Hope, the mother ministry located in Cape Town, South Africa that's also one of our Hope for the World Mission Offering partners. This branch of Living Hope helps under-resourced people in that area earn their way out of poverty through job skills and creation.

In October 2010, we sent a family of six—the Lankfords—from our church to the area to serve. Since their arrival, Joey Lankford has tirelessly toiled and tilled to develop several agricultural tunnels and a training program to match at Living Way, in addition to those programs that already exist in bakery and computers.

"Courtney, the kids, and I continue to be blown away by what God is doing!" Joey said. "I often say, 'I feel like a vortex of flow. If I pick my feet up, I'll get swept away in the flow of what God is doing.' He really is up to something big in this tunnel project and we're excited to continue in this journey."

Currently, Joey and his team have 5,000 vegetable plants in the tunnels and 100 percent of the produce are pre-sold to the market. And the best part of this story? God has used a guy from Tennessee with no background in agriculture to helm the project and bring it to fruition.

"Our testimony continues to be that, as we walk with and love on our friends here in South Africa, we're the ones most blessed by the journey," Joey said. "God bless you all, and we look forward to sharing more with you soon."

The Lankfords will be coming home to Tennessee in June for their summer furlough. Stay tuned in our worship services and online for more updates from them during that time. Click here to follow their blog.