Back Swors prepare to leave as full-time missionaries to Haiti

September 23rd, 2013

Swors prepare to leave as full-time missionaries to Haiti
Swors prepare to leave as full-time missionaries to Haiti
Swors prepare to leave as full-time missionaries to Haiti
Swors prepare to leave as full-time missionaries to Haiti

By Dawn Freeman, Volunteer Writer

Adam and Britney Swor will be leaving for Haiti in January to be full-time missionaries. However, before they leave their home and church, they have many preparations.

Britney listed them: “A lot of paperwork for the organizations we’re being sent through; meeting with our guidance team; fund-raising; spending time with family and friends; meeting with the missions team at church; finishing up our jobs (I’m a wound/ostomy nurse at Vanderbilt and Adam is in the mortgage banking industry); packing; selling furniture; and getting the proper vaccinations needed.”

The Call
A few years ago, God began opening Britney’s eyes and heart to overseas missions.

“I eventually went to Adam as God continued to put that on my heart,” Britney said. “I told him what I was feeling, and basically he looked at me and laughed and said, ‘It's good for you, but God isn’t telling me that. I’ll let you know when He does.’”

The young couple received the call from the Lord between their two mission trips to Haiti. Last August, they went on their first trip.

“We both felt led to go on a mission trip to Haiti in 2012,” Adam said. “What we didn't know at the time was God was opening doors for us to be in Haiti full-time.”

Then this past May, they joined another group from church who went there. They finally surrendered to God's call when they returned from that trip.

Britney said, “We’re just so thankful that God has called us to Haiti. And there's no greater joy—as odd as that may sound to some people. We’ll leave behind a lot of our luxuries at home but the peace of knowing that's where God wants us is way beyond any of that.”

The Swors have gone through training at Brentwood Baptist.

“We did a 12-week mission-focused Bible Study called ‘Engage,’” Britney said. They also had Brentwood Baptist's training and educational manual as well as evangelism training called “Sharing Your Story.”

Adam and Britney will have many other responsibilities before they leave. They’ll go to the International Mission Board (IMB) International Learning Center near Richmond, Virginia to train for eight weeks from mid-October until mid-December.

During that time, the couple will learn about many different topics.

Britney said, “It will consist of various training sessions—ways to share your faith, small group worship, prayer time, spiritual warfare, contingency and safety training, quad and communal living, cultural learning, language learning, devotion and time with the Lord, and much more.”

Mission Work
The Swors will be in Haiti for whatever length of time God wants them there. They’re currently leaving the length of time up to the Lord to determine and reveal to them later. However, they’ll be there at least two years.

Since Britney is a nurse, she’ll serve as the liaison between the medical clinic and the medical director in the U.S. She said, “I’ll help lead and oversee the work there while providing guidance and mentoring to the employees as well as the women in Neply.”

Adam will help to create jobs and develop their economy. Some of his responsibilities will be building relationships with the men in the village, mentoring them and showing them how to be leaders by following Christ.

“Our hope is to bring them the love of Christ and bring them opportunities for change,” Adam said. “We just want to help them initiate change in their own village.”

The Journey
Britney talked about their spiritual journey. “We never anticipated God calling us to overseas missions, so this was a curveball for us. It’s been a several-years journey—from the time God called us to missions to the time He showed us exactly where He wanted us.”

Over the years, Britney says she’s seen God’s hand at work. It’s a great reminder of His faithfulness and perfect timing in their lives—trusting in Him even when things were difficult.

“It’s been a reminder that once we give our lives to Christ, that this life is not our own anymore. It’s not about us. It’s about Him—Him living and working through us. So, we’re just being obedient to what He’s called us to do and following Him into the unknown,” she said.

Special Requests
Adam and Britney request that their church family pray for them before they leave as well as while they’re overseas.

They said, “Encourage us while we’re there. Take a mission trip through the church and come visit!”