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October 11th, 2013

What you'll learn in

By Michele Dyer, PLACE Ministry Coordinator

Do you know why you parent the way that you do? Do you know what makes your child tick? One of the keys to effective parenting is knowing what motivates you and your child.

Every person is different. And while there’s no way to completely summarize all of whom God has gifted and created each of us to be, we can see patterns that allow us to detect our strengths and weaknesses, and those of our children.

Employing these patterns, you can better understand your own parenting style, and more effectively encourage and affirm your child's unique design.

The information and tools provided in "Different Children, Different Needs" Focus Study takes the mystery out of the way you interact with each other.

• Better understand your own personality and your parenting style.
• Deepen your understanding of each child’s unique design.
• Learn how to help your child better understand who God has created him/her to be.
• Discover a language that will help you discuss with your child his/her natural strengths and weaknesses.
• Realize what motivates you and your child, and how that effects your interaction.
• Receive helpful tips for having healthy communication with your child.

You'll begin to realize things you never understood about the best way to relate to each unique son or daughter, and how best to engage and encourage them.