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November 7th, 2013

Top 3 reasons why 6th Graders will want to escape this fall

By Chris Blanton, Middle School Minister

Ahhh—the life of a 6th grader. There are few things that compare.

Like the distinct smell of a brand-new pair of shoes, there’s such a freshness that 6th graders bring to the Student Ministry because, well, so much in their life is new.

Besides that one huge transition into our ministry, there’s also a new school, new friends, new routines, new freedoms, new struggles, new changes. And amidst all the newness and adjustment, there’s incredible opportunity.

One way we help connect students to these opportunities with intentionality is through catalyst events.

Each retreat is geared to help move students forward in their relationship with Christ. It’s more than a fun one-and-done event. We aim to help propel students forward, giving them specific action steps to take as they journey forward towards Christlikeness.

The first catalyst event for 6th graders is the 6th Grade Escape, which happens from November 22-23 at Jonathan Creek in Hardin, Kentucky. This unique experience is similar to Fall Retreat for grades 7-12, but it’s deliberately smaller, separate, and focused.

Check this out:

IT’S SMALL. Much of this retreat will be spent in small groups. This environment allows each student to be known and enjoy community, heavily focusing on Bible study and application. Small groups are a safe place for students to get into deep discussions, ask questions, and work toward personally applying Scripture to their lives.

IT’S SEPARATE. We intentionally shape the atmosphere of this event to meet the needs of 6th graders. Literally, everything we do will be separate from the other grades: transportation, lodging, worship, small groups, recreation, and meals. It’s the same location, but different venues.

IT’S FOCUSED. This year’s focus is on 1 Thessalonians 1:8. Every day, our lives declare a message. “So what’s your life echoing?” That’s the challenge we’ll issue to each student. It will help them identify ways their life can echo the message of Jesus Christ everywhere they go.

Sign up your 6th grader. Help them escape from the normal, day-to-day stuff to engage with friends and refocus on loving and living out Jesus Christ.

Get more details and sign up here.