Back New app launches to enhance JourneyOn Today Bible Reading Plan

February 18th, 2014

New app launches to enhance JourneyOn Today Bible Reading Plan

Two months into a new Bible reading plan on spiritual practices, those participating can now enjoy the luxury of an easy-to-use app to assist in their daily walks—all from the comfort of their mobile devices or tablets.

The JourneyOn Today app officially launched at the beginning of February. So far, there have been 650 downloads—450 of which took place on Sunday, February 2 when Pastor Mike Glenn announced during a Sunday morning worship service.

Some of the features of the new app include the daily Bible readings, devotionals (written by Brentwood Baptist members), and reminders. Plus, you can:
• Follow on Twitter and Facebook
• Share devotionals through social media
• View past readings and future readings
• Adjust font size
• Choose between light and dark themes

Online, users can still find the daily readings and devotionals, which they've been utilizing for the past two years.

Lauren O'Neill, a staff member and devotional writer, said, "Both the writing and the reading of these daily devotionals has encouraged me to take a long, hard look at my Christian walk and the spiritual disciplines that help to make such a walk possible."

But now, that walk just got easier for Lauren and many others with the JourneyOn Today app.

Darrel Girarider, Digital Strategy Director on staff, said, "One of our goals is to help our members form daily digital habits around becoming more Christ-like. We believe that mobile is the future of work and JourneyOn Today is a step in that direction."

Click here to download the app and find out more about JourneyOn Today.