Kairos News My Story: Eric Fisher

February 18th, 2014

As a baby, I was baptized and grew up in the Methodist Church—and I regularly went to church until after high school. But after that, I went away from the church and thought that I didn't really need it to live life. I was hanging out with others who didn't go to church, which solidified my notions that I didn't need religion in my life.

I was working full time in another city and saw a job opening, so I decided to take the risk and applied. When I was offered the position, I was told I needed to move to Nashville, but I had no friends or family here. The idea of being alone scared me, but something told me it was the right decision, so I took the job and moved.

I went a whole year without making any friends. I went to work, came home, and that was it. I even began to consider moving home again. But then I made some friends at work and one of them invited me to some movie nights with his church friends group. And later, I was invited to Kairos.

When I first came to Kairos, I was immediately overwhelmed, but there were people who made me feel welcome. Every week, I started going to Kairos and then added in Single Focus. Immediately, I began to feel the changes of being around other Christians. I started reading my Bible again and gave my life over to Christ.

Later on, I began dating Steph. I knew God had led me to Nashville to find Him and to lead me to Steph. She's been an encouragement in my faith. Without her, I would've struggled far longer with it. Our marriage wouldn't be the same if Christ wasn't at the center—and we owe everything to Him.

I've now decided to profess my faith in Jesus publicly to show those friends and family around me what can happen if you just trust in God and give your life over to Him.