Kairos News Kairos PLACE Class hosts more than 80 people

May 8th, 2014

Kairos PLACE Class hosts more than 80 people

In 2013, more than 220 people completed PLACE through Kairos. For the first class of 2014, 62 people attended. At this point, it's becoming a "thing."

PLACE is a unique, blended assessment of your personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, and passions. Once the tests are complete, participants simply show up at the classes held throughout the year to find out how God has specifically wired them.

Are you outgoing? Are you steady? Are you visionary? Are you calculated?
Do you like to serve? Do you like to teach? Do you exude loads of compassion?
Are you artistic, creative, social, investigative, enterprising?

PLACE will nail it down for you.

This past Sunday, April 4, more than 80 people showed up for one class, making it the largest to date, to find out the answers to some of these questions.

The next PLACE Class is coming up again this summer. Go online to sign up or find out more details.

Past PLACE Testimonials:
"It truly helped me to not only understand how God designed me, but it also taught me how He created others and how to interact with certain kinds of people."
—Lauren Dixon

"I recently quit my job and everything I learned in PLACE just reaffirmed my decision. Our personalities can be used as a gif to God if we allow them to, and PLACE just showed me how important it is to understand who we are and why God designed us this way! I had such a great time and can't stop telling people about PLACE."
—Lisa Oesch

"I'm a pre-pharmacy major and my spiritual gifts were service, encouragement, and hospitality. That was very encouraging for me to know that my spiritual gifts can be put to use in my future profession."

"Not only was PLACE so informative and beneficial in understanding myself, but it was also such a gift for my marriage! My husband and I walked away better understanding each other and how to react. We now find ourselves laughing at personality differences that used to cause resentment."