Kairos Roots is a different approach to worship than Tuesday nights at Kairos. We meet in Hudson Hall and the room is arranged with round tables where you can make yourself comfortable and meet new people. There is a brief time of corporate worship together followed by a time of teaching and study. You’ll then have a chance around the table to discuss the implications of the teaching time and hopefully come away with some truths that you can apply to your daily life.

If you are looking for a place to dig deeper spiritually or perhaps you simply want to become firmly rooted in the Gospel, then Kairos Roots is the place for you. Whether you grew up in the church or you are just exploring Christianity and the claims of Christ – there’s a place at the table for everyone.

October at Kairos Roots: Digging Deeper in Colossians

October 4 | Chapter 1
Assess the situation in Colossae, Paul's Christology, and the beginnings of Gnosticism plus its redefinition of the gospel.

October 11 | Chapter 2 & Roman's 6
The essence of salvation in Christ, what He's accomplished, and what salvation means to the believer.

October 18 | Chapter 3
Living differently, sanctification, and how it plays out everyday.

October 25 | Chapter 4
How do we communicate who Jesus is and what His salvation means?