Living a Christ-Centered Life

Before we can begin our journey, we first have to understand where we're going and why. To do that, consider the following question:

What's at the center of your life?

In other words, what things drive you to get up in the morning? What influences your decisions and directs your thoughts and your actions? Is it your family or your health? Maybe it's your job or even yourself. Whatever your answer is, these are the things that are at the center of your life.

Now what if these things weren't at the center of your life? Instead, what if Jesus was at the center? And what if each of these other things simply flowed out of your relationship with Him, so that your decisions, your priorities, and your reactions about the things which are most important to you were all reflections of Jesus Christ?

Imagine what it would mean to live in a way where the personality and works of Jesus Christ simply flowed out of us whenever, or wherever, we live, work, and play?

That's the definition of living a Christ-centered life. And that's the destination of our life's journey.

If we're honest, most of us would admit we don't always live this way. We may agree on the destination, but none of us are immune to the occasional roadblock and detour along the way. That's where JourneyOn comes in. This isn't an easy three-step process we can check off our lists. It's not something that can be dealt with after finals or sometime before we go to college.

Moving toward a Christ-centered life is less like accomplishing a goal and more like moving toward a destination. That's why we call it a journey. Sometimes we call it discipleship. But, in reality, most of us refer to it simply as life.