What are the Core Concepts?

As we move forward, we also want to be sure we're exploring everything God has for us. JourneyOn has grouped our journey into seven key foundations, or Biblical principles, that help us make sure realizing all that God's word has for us.

Seven Spiritual Foundations

1. Life of Christ / Christology

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. In short, all roads lead to Him. We devote ourselves to knowing him completely – who He is and what He has done for us.

2. Spiritual Disciplines

The journey isn't always easy. Forming habits like Bible study, scripture memory, and prayer don't always come naturally. So we work to develop those disciplines that will nurture our souls and bring us closer to a Christ-centered life.

3. Biblical Studies

God's Word is our best way to navigate the journey. Spending time learning about the unfolding story of God's love and His calling on our lives is important for the follower of Christ. The Bible is the light for our path and the guide for our lives.

4. Theological Foundations

As we look to the Bible we begin to understand certain truths for how we understand God, our world, and our place in it. These core biblical truths help us establish a clear path for our journey.

5. Healthy Relationships

We weren't meant to journey alone. Jesus commanded us to love God and to love others. So as we journey, we have to learn to live and grow together.

6. Missions and Evangelism

We are commanded to go and tell the good news of Jesus –everywhere. So as we journey, we share Jesus with others along the way.

7. Servant Leadership

As we follow Jesus, we attempt to model the type of leadership He displayed – servant leadership.

*JourneyOn aligns with the beliefs found in the Baptist Faith and Message. Learn more about what we believe.