Day 130: May 10, 2013

Today's Reading(s)

John 7:2-9 Read Online

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Today's Reflection

Key Verse(s)

So His brothers said to Him, “Leave here and go to Judea so Your disciples can see Your works that You are doing.”

[Jesus said,] “Go up to the festival yourselves. I’m not going up to the festival yet, because My time has not yet fully come.”

—John 7:3,8

In His Time
by Deane Webb, Member of Brentwood Baptist Campus

Like many young boys, I remember quite a few boasts with friends that grew and grew until someone would call the bluff with the all too familiar words: “Oh yeah? Prove it!” The actions that followed weren’t always pretty, but somehow the emotions built up through the discussion made it the right thing to do.

At the beginning of today’s passage, Jesus’ brothers wanted Him to go show Himself to the world in Judea—whether that was an oh-yeah-prove-it moment, or whether they wanted Him to take His miracle-performing and preaching and leave them alone, or whether it was because Galilee seemed too small for so big of a work.

But it wasn’t the right time for Jesus to go.

Why would God not want to reveal Himself? Who cares if people objected? He’s God. So what if others don’t like it?   

He wasn’t scared to do His work anywhere, regardless of consequences. He displayed that by going through the horrific treatment He endured on His journey to the cross where He allowed Himself to be brutally killed on our behalf.

He chose to do His work away from Judea because He knew it wouldn’t be completed if He were killed before it was the perfect time. He has a perfect understanding of time.

What patience we’d display if we knew how small today’s problems will look in the rear view mirror 10 years from now. What eagerness we should display when we consider how important our relationships and conversations are today that assist people in choosing paths to different destinations 20 years from now.

Jesus didn’t stay away from Judea and wait idly. He worked for His father and did good to those in the region where He was at that time.

Sometimes we aren’t going to be where we want to be, and that doesn’t change the opportunity we have to serve Him. Whether it be for a long or short journeying through a location, we’re to serve others “as we are going.”

In Matthew Henry’s commentary, he beautifully words this opportunity: “When we cannot do what and where we would, we must do what and where we can.”

As Jesus sent His brothers ahead to the feast while He waited to attend, it paints a painful picture of our human spirit. His brothers left for a religious feast, but they rejected, disbelieved, and abandoned the Savior of our world.

How often do I go to church but only out of habit or tradition? How often is the God of the universe ready and willing to lead me, but I impatiently go ahead of His timing?

God the Father had a perfect plan for Jesus, and nothing could change that plan. Jesus didn’t rush, nor did He wait inappropriately. He wasn’t pressured by external forces. Instead He waited for the voice of His Father. There was no need to prove it.

When the word came to go, He was ready.

Reflection Questions

  1. How can we discern God’s timing and leading in our life?
  2. Do you feel God is moving you too quickly or too slowly?
  3. When is the last time you prepared to come to worship?
  4. Do you feel pressured by others to prove your faith by your actions?

About the Author

Deane Webb

Since 2003, Deane and his family have been members of Brentwood Baptist. He graduated from Mary Hardin-Baylor in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. Since then, he’s served at several universities and is currently the volleyball coach at Belmont University. Deane is married to Becky and they have two daughters: Sarah and Ashlyn. Some of his hobbies include: hunting, being outdoors, working out, and reading.