Day 155: June 4, 2014

Today's Reading(s)

Psalm 119:105-112
105 Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path. 106 I have solemnly sworn to keep Your righteous judgments. 107 I am severely afflicted; Lord, give me life through Your word. 108 Lord, please accept my willing offerings of praise, and teach me Your judgments. 109 My life is constantly in danger, yet I do not forget Your instruction. 110 The wicked have set a trap for me, but I have not wandered from Your precepts. 111 I have Your decrees as a heritage forever; indeed, they are the joy of my heart. 112 I am resolved to obey Your statutes to the very end.

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The Word Gives Light to our Path
by Amy Keys, Member of Brentwood Baptist, The Church at Station Hill

Psalm 119:105 is incredibly familiar. When quoted alone, it can feel happy, content, and encouraging. The path to which it refers seems almost like a pristine mountain trail on a crisp, spring evening. “Life is good,” it seems to say. “Shine God’s Word on it so you can stay on this wonderful path.”

However, when this verse is read in context, a completely different scenario emerges. The psalmist writes that he is severely afflicted and that his life is constantly in danger. His path is far from pristine. It is filled with fear, traps, and uncertainty. It is in this context he reminds his readers that despite life’s current difficulties, God’s Word is a light to their path.

The psalmist trusted in God’s Word to direct him through difficult, trying times. We have that same guidance from God’s Word to give us wisdom and direction during our darkest hours. God’s Word strengthens us and grows our character. Sometimes the wisdom of God’s Word can be seen most clearly during those dark, difficult days, just as a light can be most clearly seen when the rest of the room is dark.

Whether or not you feel severely afflicted, if you are a believer, you are walking a dangerous path, and you are (or will be) under attack. Perhaps you aren’t in physical danger at the moment, but perhaps you are in danger of a stagnant spiritual walk. Maybe your dangers are fears and worries about your job, your children’s well-being, or your marriage.

No matter what is darkening your path, God’s Word is the light for your path. It is the Bible which will shed the light in front of you, providing you with God’s perfect guidance and direction, despite your dark and disorienting path.


  1. God’s Word to be the light to your path. Read it! Meditate on it by taking a verse you’ve read and putting it on the welcome screen or wallpaper of your phone. Take a dry erase marker and write it on your mirror. Memorize it. Keep it in the front of your mind as you go through your day.
  2. When you read God’s Word, ask Him to reveal His wisdom about whatever situation you’re facing, then trust Him to guide you.

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