Day 175: June 24, 2014

Today's Reading(s)

Psalm 33
1 Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous ones; praise from the upright is beautiful. 2 Praise the Lord with the lyre; make music to Him with a ten-stringed harp. 3 Sing a new song to Him; play skillfully on the strings, with a joyful shout. 4 For the word of the Lord is right, and all His work is trustworthy. 5 He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the Lord’s unfailing love. 6 The heavens were made by the word of the Lord, and all the stars, by the breath of His mouth. 7 He gathers the waters of the sea into a heap; He puts the depths into storehouses. 8 Let the whole earth tremble before the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. 9 For He spoke, and it came into being; He commanded, and it came into existence. 10 The Lord frustrates the counsel of the nations; He thwarts the plans of the peoples. 11 The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart from generation to generation. 12 Happy is the nation whose God is Yahweh—the people He has chosen to be His own possession! 13 The Lord looks down from heaven; He observes everyone. 14 He gazes on all the inhabitants of the earth from His dwelling place. 15 He alone shapes their hearts; He considers all their works. 16 A king is not saved by a large army; a warrior will not be delivered by great strength. 17 The horse is a false hope for safety; it provides no escape by its great power. 18 Now the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him—those who depend on His faithful love 19 to deliver them from death and to keep them alive in famine. 20 We wait for Yahweh; He is our help and shield. 21 For our hearts rejoice in Him because we trust in His holy name. 22 May Your faithful love rest on us, Yahweh, for we put our hope in You. 

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Why Worship?
by Steve Smith, Communications Minister, Brentwood Baptist Church

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The first three verses of this Psalm urge us, as “righteous ones,” to sing to the Lord and praise Him with music. The psalmist, most likely David, tells us to “sing a new song,” “play skillfully,” and do it all with joy. When we worship, we are to bring our very best. But, why?

The Lord is worthy of our praise because:

  1. He is faithful and righteous. We praise Him because we can trust Him. We trust Him because He is trustworthy. The evidence of His love surrounds us. And His love never fails. Can we say that about anyone else in our lives? So when we worship we demonstrate our trust in His unfailing love.
  1. He is powerful. He spoke and everything came into being. He created everything we know and more just by uttering a few commands. All He had to do was breathe and stars filled the sky. And by Him, the depths of the sea can be gathered into jars. So when we worship we demonstrate our reverence of His awe-inspiring might.
  1. He is sovereign. His plans supersede all the plans of men. The Lord’s purpose has prevailed in the past, is prevailing now in the present, and will prevail in the future. When we worship we demonstrate our deference to His dominion.
  1. He ordained us as His chosen ones. Our position has nothing to do with our significance, but is solely based on His amazing grace. Without the Lord’s intervention our strength is useless, our security is false, and our salvation is unsure. When we worship Him we demonstrate our fear of His wrath as well as our gratitude for His mercy.

The Lord is faithful, righteous, powerful, sovereign, and merciful. Therefore we worship to demonstrate our trust, our reverence, our deference, and our gratitude. But ultimately, we worship the Lord because He is our hope. He is the one on whom we can depend. He is ruler over all creation and yet He knows us intimately. By His will we are saved. So why would we not worship Him with our very best?

How can I keep from singing Your praise?
How can I ever say enough?
How amazing is Your love!

How can I keep from shouting Your name?
I know I am loved by the King
And it makes my heart want to sing.

—Chris Tomlin


  1. How often do you sing joyfully to the Lord? Do you only participate in worship on Sunday mornings? Do you make time to praise Him throughout the week?
  2. When you worship, whether corporately or alone, do you offer Him your very best? Is your praise whole-hearted or are you simply going through the motions?
  3. What motivates you to praise Him? How often do your reflect on the character of our Lord and all that He’s done for you?

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