Five Ways We Move

1. LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups are simply groups of people who regularly get together, seek God, and love one another. We've learned that movement happens best in groups. So whether it's on Sunday morning at church, some weeknight in a home, or a Saturday afternoon at Starbucks or anywhere else, LIFE Groups provide the primary way we move forward to a Christ-centered life.

How do we move forward in a LIFE Group?

We Love One Another:
Loving one another is about as biblical as it gets. Having a community of fellow travelers on the journey to pray and care for us makes it easier to deal with the twists, turns, and bumpy parts along the way.

We Involve Ourselves in Community:
Jesus involved himself in the lives of those around him. By being an active part of a community of faith, we play an important role in one another's lives as we find the joy and comfort that comes from doing life together.

We Focus on God's Word:
When we learn with others who are at similar places on their journeys, we start to find the kind of real life answers that Scripture holds for us. That's when our lives start to change.

We Engage The World:
God's story is a life-changing story, and it must be told both with words and actions. By serving others and sharing the gospel, we can engage the world and build God's kingdom.

Find a LIFE Group and get involved...

2. Focus Studies

Focus Studies take a closer look at God's Word as it relates to a specific topic. This tool for the journey gives us the chance to explore these topics with others over just a few weeks at various times throughout the year. A list of current Focus Studies are available here.

3. Self-Guided Resources

Because there are some parts of the journey that only you and God can take together, it's helpful to have tools for the journey that are self-directed and self-paced. The Road Map you receive at the end of your Spiritual Assessment, along with the JourneyOn Resource List, will help you determine what Self-Guided Resources match best with your place on the journey.

4. eLearning

The journey happens whenever or wherever we are. So we need tools that are available anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the Internet, eLearning gives us this kind of access. And it also connects us with others who are on similar journeys. From time to time, JourneyOn makes available a variety of learning opportunities through online video, downloads, and other self-paced resources.

5. Mentor Relationships

Along with LIFE Groups, JourneyOn also recommends a mentor relationship. Having a personal guide on the journey gives us a well-worn path to follow. Footsteps in front tell us we can move forward knowing someone's walked where we're walking. They've been there before. And they can help us now.