Focus Studies Mentor Training

Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
2126 AB map

September 3 - October 8, 2014

Are you interested in investing in someone's life by becoming a volunteer spiritual mentor?

A Christian mentor guides from one’s personal experience or sharing of experience in a specific area of interest or expertise. A mentor will develop skills and instill wisdom based on the mentor’s life experiences. Mentoring is a God-given relationship in which one growing Christian encourages and equips another believer to reach potential as a disciple of Christ.

How do I know if I am a mentor candidate?
To help you determine if you have what it takes to become a mentor, use this simple assessment. Be honest in your responses. Read each statement and respond as objectively as possible.

  1. I easily share my faith and what I have learned from God.
  2. I easily establish simple natural relationships.
  3. I enjoy encouraging others to grow and develop personally and spiritually.
  4. I can easily commit to long-term relationships.

If you agreed to these statements, you might be ready to become a volunteer spiritual mentor.


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