LIFE Groups Nearly/Newly Married

Group Focus
Age: 20's and 30's
Sundays at 11:00 AM
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Jeff and Amy Kauppila have been leading Nearly, Newly, and Young Married LifeGroups at Brentwood Baptist for over 10 years.  Jeff and Amy are called to lead young couples as they establish a solid foundation for their relationship and family. 

The Nearly/Newly Married LifeGroup, established in April 2010, encourages engaged and newly married couples in the growth of their relationships with their sweethearts and their individual spiritual walks through corporate and personal Bible study, prayer, and Scripture memory.  We strive to equip members to apply what we’ve learned and discussed to help lead others to growth in their relationship with Christ.  The group seeks to engage the world through service within Brentwood Baptist and quarterly missions/service opportunities with local partners. 

The group also has regular LifeGroup social activities and events outside of the Sunday morning time.  God is doing great things in the lives of the people in the Nearly/Newly Married LifeGroup, and it is a great joy to have the opportunity to walk beside each other as we JourneyOn.

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For more information or to visit this group , please contact Jeff Kauppila.