And So the Journey Begins

So what is JourneyOn? And what does it have to do with you? First let's look at what JourneyOn is not. JourneyOn is not a one-time campaign or program that'll disappear as quickly as it came. It's not a Bible study or small group curriculum.

Rather, it's an over-arching strategy designed to meet people where they are on their spiritual journeys and help them move forward to a Christ-centered life.

The Journey of a Lifetime

We all start at different points on this journey. Some people begin as children learning how to become more like Jesus. Others start this process later, perhaps as students or even as adults.

JourneyOn is designed with that in mind. No matter if you're in middle school, high school, or college, whether you're exploring Christ, growing in Him, close to Him, or Christ-centered, this gives you the road map you need to move you forward and be everything He made you to be.

Learn more about JourneyOn for each age group below . . .

*JourneyOn aligns with the beliefs found in the Baptist Faith and Message. Learn more about what we believe.