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Four Ways to Spiritually Engage Your Family This Summer

  1. Take a moment and walk your family through your spiritual heritage. When did you come to know Christ? Were you the first one in your family or did someone share Christ with you? How do you plan to keep that spiritual legacy alive?
  2. Challenge your family to memorize scripture together. Is there a passage or set of verses that your family could memorize this summer?
  3. Get a copy of the local newspaper or pull up the news online. Take some time to pray with your family for each of the headlines on the front page.
  4. Challenge your family to begin quoting Bible verses instead of movie quotes or song lyrics. Every time someone quotes a movie or song, they have to find a passage of scripture to read out loud.

9 Simple Ideas Getting Your Family to Engage the Bible Together

  1. Have the youngest reader in your family start and each read a verse in turn.
  2. Read the Bible verses and have each person tell the character of God that they see in the passage.
  3. Read before breakfast or as the kids are eating their cereal or Pop Tart.
  4. As the verses are read, have each person listen for a key word or phrase that might correspond to another verse in the Bible or similar truths.
  5. Don’t just read in the family room of the house. Open the Word on top of a mountain, while you’re camping, or as the sun sets.
  6. On Monday night, turn off the TV off and turn on the praise music. Have every body read for 10-15 minutes from the book of the Bible that they’ve never read before.
  7. After dinner, turn off all the lights in the house and read the Daily Walk passage for the day by candlelight.
  8. Assuming the content is appropriate, have the children gather whatever costume clothing is available and act out the passage in a modern family paraphrase.
  9. Provide pens, paint, or sidewalk chalk and have a family competition in who can create the grandest artwork rendition of a selected passage. You can’t vote for yourself.

Family Devotional/Conversational Resources that are available:

  1. The One Year Book of Family Devotions, Tyndale House Publishers
  2. Instant Family Devotions: 52 Bible Discussions for Anytime, Anywhere Use, Mike Nappa
    Bestselling and award-winning author gives parents a flexible bore-no-more guide to creating faith-life conversations with their kids.

Fall 2013 Focus Studies

Marriage: Covenant vs. Contract
Wednesdays, September 11–November 20
6:00 PM | Room 2062
How long does the average marriage last? How long do you expect your own to last? What are you doing differently than the rest of the world? Learn how your marriage can be better than average.
Leader: Phillip Waugh, Executive Director of Covenant Marriage Movement

Different Children, Different Needs
Wednesdays, October 2-23
6:00 PM | Room 1010
Is your child determined, influencing, soft-hearted, or conscientious? A key to effective parenting is knowing what motivates him or her. Get information and tools to remove the mystery. Learn the best way to relate, interact, affirm, and encourage your child.
Leader: Michele Dyer

Marriage: From Good to Great
Wednesdays, October 23, 6:00 PM
Wilson Hall B | Cost: $99 (per couple)
How well do you know your spouse? What drives you crazy? What do you love? Using the DISC personality profile, transform your family by learning more about yourself, your spouse, and your children.Assessment will be taken before the study begins.  Information on accessing the assessment will be sent once you register.  Register here by October 13. 
Leader: Leon Drennan

Social Media 101
Wednesday, November 13 | 6:00 PM | Room 1010
Parents, learn and better understand the social media world your children encounter each day. You’ll receive practical information, the latest updates, suggestions, and warnings.
Leader: Amy-Jo Girardier

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