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The door allows individual access.

Affirm the value of family members so they can embrace who God made them to be.

Psalm 139; 1 Peter 4:10

God made each person in every family unique according to His purpose. The world tells them who they should be, but the home must stand on this one truth: our identity is in Christ alone.

The world bombards our homes with a counterfeit message of what gives us value and worth. Our homes must be a place that affirms our members to know that worth isn't found in what they do, but who's they are.

At its core plan, the word design means "a purpose or a blueprint." As it relates to being designed by God, it means we're crafted for something greater. To know God gave thought to our formation, that He has a plan for us, and He's invited us to join Him to a life of significance, changes everything.

We begin to see in others these unique qualities God himself placed there for His renown. And, prayerfully, we begin to affirm those qualities in others and our families. We don't just assume they know what we think, but we tell them, affirming the design God has placed in each individual family member.

Reality Check

Usually, there are family members (children) who are just like you (parents). It's so easy to be drawn into that member's world and to inadvertently only show affirmation to them.

If we aren't careful, we miss out on our children's amazing attributes and strengths because we're so frustrated with the weaknesses that have become a sticking point. There can be such an awakening and gaining of confidence when one grasps that God has wired them a certain way for His kingdom work.

How the Church Will Partner & Encourage:

  • It's so common for us to look at others and wish we had the gifts they exhibit. But we want to biblically respond to these thoughts and questions, educating through such assessment tools as PLACE to bring an awareness of how God has uniquely wired each of us.
  • Our desire is for everyone to give attention to how God has made them, what the next steps might be, and how one can best use their gifts to serve the body of Christ.

Actions, Markers, & Milestones:

  • Legacy Journals
  • Daddy Dates/Mom Dates with each child
  • Awareness of SHAPE or PLACE
  • Discovery of Spiritual Gifts

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