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The weight of the house rests on the foundation.

Create conversations that lead family members to a life that rests on the foundation of Christ.

Psalm 145:4; Proverbs 22:6; Romans 10:9-10; Deuteronomy 6:4-7

The home is where it all happens. Look for God-moments in life, then talk about them naturally. Be ready to share your faith when your family members ask questions or search for truth. It's essential to initiate biblical talks and make it an expected occurrence at home and beyond.

Life issues and circumstances come at us fast. With these things come the need for commitments along our journey, which must be borne out of a love for Christ and transformed hearts. That transformation begins when each person makes the most important commitment of all—coming to faith in Christ.

The home plays a crucial role in these spiritual conversations—bathed in prayer to help each other yield to Him. Whether through parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles, impressing upon our children and those in our home the awe and wonder of God must be advocated by those with influence.

When we move into a transformational understanding that life is found in Christ, the depth of our conversations are so much greater. When we focus on God's design for each person in our home and are forced to confront one's present sin condition, we can't help but season those conversations with the incredible truth of the gospel that can set each of us free.

Reality Check

Having spiritual conversations can often make us feel inadequate. Most of us sense that we lack biblical knowledge, so therefore we don't do it. Our only other option will most likely be to do very little and default everything to the church.

Here's the reality: feelings of inadequacy or awkwardness are common, but aren't a compelling reason for us not to engage in spiritual conversations.

Questions or concerns one could have, but might never tell anyone:

  • Maybe I'll get something wrong!
  • Are conversations about God's Word sometimes uncomfortable? (Answer: YES!)
  • Might I get asked a question that I don't know? (Answer: YES!)
  • Is it sometimes easier not to dialogue at all? (Answer: YES!)
  • Are we going to talk about things that we're still working on? (Answer: YES!)
  • Does the Bible clearly tell us that we are to impress, model, live it out, and tell? (Answer: YES!)

How the Church Will Partner & Encourage:

  • We'll continue being the church! Our JourneyOn discipleship strategy for each age group is in full swing. Our goal is to embolden everyone toward a Christ-centered life.
  • There's a great awareness among parents that they need the community of the church to speak biblical truth about life's circumstances to their children. To have adults come alongside and give voice to wisdom is crucial. Our goal is to be that edifying voice that speaks into our homes.

Actions, Markers, & Milestones:

  • Parent/child dedications
  • Faith talks/family devotions/family worship
  • Seasonal celebration devotionals at Christmas/Easter
  • THE MILESTONE – Salvation and baptism

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