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Crazy Busy, A JourneyOn @ Home Focus Study

Wednesdays | Apr 2 - 30 | 6:00 PM | Wilson Hall E | Rian Berger

Are you crazy busy? Are your kids crazy busy? Is your family crazy busy? I'M TOO BUSY! We've all heard it. We've all said it.
Sometimes being busy seems like the theme of our lives, and it's overwhelming. Other times, telling people we're busy makes it sound like we matter-like we are extra important. Either way, a crazy busy life isn't what God intended when he sent his Son to give us life to the full.

It might surprise some people to find out that God has created us to be busy (1 Corinthians 15:58), but only busy about the will of the Father. This JourneyOn@Home Focus Study will help you discover the things for which the Father has called you, versus the things that distract you from your calling. Rian Berger facilitates this short 4-week study.

Not required: you may purchase a copy of Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung. Copies will be available for purchase in the Focus Study. No registration required and open to all adults, each week.

FYI: Group will not meet April 16 - Holy Week.

To reserve childcare, please call 324-6160 or email

For more information, please contact Carol Vicary at

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The home is a center of influence.

The home is made up of many parts which contribute to making it the center of godly influence. Our goal is to equip you to journey down these paths with your family.

The Paths of Influence ↓


The weight of the house rests on the foundation.

Create conversations that lead family members to a life that rests on the foundation of Christ. more...

Deuteronomy 6:4-7
Romans 10:9


The walls provide the framework.

Make memories through shared experiences to build identity and strong relationships. more...

Proverbs 20:7


The roof protects from the elements.

Instill the truth of God's Word to reinforce the home and defend against the world's influence. more...

Ephesians 6:10-17


The door allows individual access.

Affirm the value of family members so they can embrace who God made them to be. more...

Psalm 139:13-16


The window gives a view of the world outside.

Bless and empower family members to give their lives away and make Christ known. more...

Joshua 1:8-9