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The roof protects from the elements.

Instill the truth of God's Word to reinforce the home and defend against the world's influence.

1 Corinthians 6:18; 1 Peter 1:13-16; Ephesians 6:10-17

The world's message or the Bible's message—which would you rather your family base their lives on? Parents and those with influence must speak truth when teaching their children about the standards of holiness. Determine that the world's message won't prevail over personal holiness in our homes.

With the bombardment of the world's message, we need an unchanging objective to focus on. That comes when we give full attention to God's design for us. As we strive toward a life of holiness, we're confronted every day with the realities that God's perfect and we're not.

In dealing with the damages, wounds, and brokenness that can often occur in relationships, we need reconciliation and renewal. This healing, strength, forgiveness, and firmness are found in the gospel.

Reality Check

Although we live in this world, God tells us this isn't our home. The world's opinions and priorities are opposed to our convictions. In our homes, every person is confronted with distractions and temptations. We must be proactive and ready to stand firm in the face of so much attack.

Check List:

  • At times, will you be overwhelmed? Yes.
  • Is there an easy, fool-proof, step-by-step process for instilling purity into one's life? No.
  • Will it seem easy to not engage with your family on this issue? Yes.
  • Can you deliver incredible influence by living it out and modeling it daily? Yes.
  • Will your home make mistakes along the way? Yes.
  • Has God made it clear in His Word that He will give us strength? Yes.
  • Can a parent or other family members make a difference in a child's life by having intentional talks? Yes.

How the Church Will Partner & Encourage:

  • We want to come alongside our homes as we challenge and encourage each to pursue a life that's intent on godliness.
  • Along with educating and informing through strategic Bible studies and resources for our homes, we also unite as a community of believers. Strength can be established in knowing we aren't in this alone.

Actions, Markers, & Milestones:

  • Ring Ceremony/Home Commitment Ceremonies
  • Dating Talks
  • Marriage Discussions
  • Single life
  • Purity Pledge
  • Engagement and Marriage

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