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Community Missions Events 2014


**Family Friendly
Mother’s Day Cards/Goody Bags/Diaper Drive - Hope Clinic/Diaper Connection
Date: TBD
Team Leader: Debbie Beck and Rachel Goodson

Help make Mother’s Day extra special for our Hope Clinic moms this year.  We’d like to make them Mothers’ Day cards and goody bags this year in conjunction with a Diaper Drive which with the help of Diaper Connection will serve the needs of parents throughout this city including partners such as GraceWorks and Hope Clinic for Women.  Help Brentwood Baptist Church love our mothers and children well as work to provide necessities to our families in need.


**Family Friendly
School Supply Drive – GraceWorks and more…
Date: TBD
Team Leader: TBD


**Family Friendly
GraceWorks Food Drive - GraceWorks
Date: Sunday, August 24
Team Leader: Missions Office and BBC Deacon Team


Family Missions Event (Ages 6+)
WE Serve Family Mission Event
Date: Friday evening, September 26 - Sunday’s lunch celebration, September 28
Cost: TBD
Team Leader: Vicki Howell, Debbie Beck, Etc

Come Join BBC Families as we connect with other BBC families to go “On Mission” the weekend of September 26-28.  WE Serve connects family units together that may or may not know each other (yet) to train, serve and celebrate together what God has done in their homes and in this community .  Participants will come together on Friday evening to train, learn what they will be doing the following day.  Saturday, families will meet together with their teams, pick up their supplies and head out to their perspective site locations.  Teams will be found all over this community working with partners and neighborhoods in various ways.   As the day winds down, families are resourced with tools to breakdown all that they saw and participated in on this day.  The weekend is wound up on Sunday as everyone comes together to celebrate all that God has done.  Look for more information to come soon and set these dates aside for a weekend to remember.

Application Link: Coming Soon


**Family Friendly – All ages
Day in the Inn Donation Day – Room in the Inn
Date: Sunday, October 12
Team Leader: Rachel Goodson, RITI Volunteers


**Family Friendly – All ages
Date: Sunday, November 2
Ministry: Various
Event: Missions Fair
Team Leader: Vicki Howell, Missions Office


**Family Friendly – All ages
Date: December 12-13
Ministry: Various
Event: Christmas Food Baskets
Team Leader: Vicki Howell/Missions Office