Matt Worley

Living Hope
South Africa

Born and raised in Franklin, TN, Matt has grown up a member of Brentwood Baptist Church nearly his whole life, with his father serving as the Music Minister on staff. After high school, Matt attended college at a few different schools, most recently Mississippi State University, mostly focusing on Horticultural and Agricultural studies, but struggled to find a calling and passion. During a school break in the summer of 2012, he was given the opportunity to volunteer for a month with the Living Hope organization in Cape Town, South Africa. After coming back and returning to school, God began to lay on Matt that he belonged on the missions field. After months of prayer and guidance, he left school and answered God's calling to serve long-term in the missions field. Matt works with the Living Way branch of the Living Hope organization in Cape Town. Specifically with the Agri-Academy, assisting from a logistical stand point and learning the business platform in order to further improve and expand the project in any way possible.

Prayer Requests

What to pray for:

- Growth and improvement in God's word and teachings, as well as the business field he serves in.
- Faith and commitment to The Lord's plan for him.
- Impact in the community around him, and in the organization, as well.
- Faith and strength in the important relationships with loved ones he has back home.