Praying Alone

Prayer Pager

Let your fingers do the talking…

Individuals who are dealing with a life crisis, such as an extended hospitalization, chronic illness, or death may be assigned a prayer pager. Prayer intercessors lift them up in prayer and then contact them via the pager, to notify them of our immediate prayer support.

Please pray for those on our prayer pager list, and contact them to assure them of your prayer support. You simply call the number listed by the person’s name, then press 7777# and hang up. The person will then know that someone associated with Brentwood Baptist has prayed for them. Click here to see a current list of the people who have a prayer pager.

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room was established to offer a set apart place, a set apart time, for a set apart purpose. It is designed to facilitate and promote an atmosphere/attitude of prayer.

Established in 1983 by Pastor Emeritus Bill Wilson, this ministry has been an integral part of our church's life by providing prayer support for

  • Families in crisis
  • Major church decisions
  • Missionaries
  • Service men and women
  • World events
  • Those impacted by natural disaster
  • Individuals dealing with chronic and terminal health issues and illnesses
  • Those suffering from grief and loss
  • The anticipated arrival of babies

Why be a part of the Prayer Room?

  • Exercise personal discipline
  • Get away from distractions which conflict or interfere with prayer
  • Be a part of a broader/greater plan purpose by joining others and being a part of God's work her on earth Help form/complete a continuous chain of uninterrupted prayer
  • Be obedient to the Biblical mandate to pray Bestow a blessing, give a blessing, be blessed (The prayers of a righteous man avail...)

Click here to see prayer room testimonies from some of our members.

To view a calendar of available timeslots in the Prayer Room, click here.

Contact: Gayle Haywood | | 615.324.6133

To sign up to pray in the Prayer Room, click here to e-mail us and let us know what time you prefer

Strategic Prayer Monthly Guide

Each month, join us in praying for the most common and most specific of issues from church to family to leaders and issues and more.

Download the current "Ways to Pray" strategic prayer guide...


The X17 Team is based on the story in Exodus 17.

Aaron and Hur helped hold up Moses’ hands during the battle. As long as his hands were elevated, the Israelites won the battle. But when his arms became tired and dropped, the Israelites lost the battle. With Aaron’s and Hur’s help, Moses led Israel to defeat the Amalekites.

Mike Glenn has asked people who have a significant commitment to prayer to join this team in praying for him and the other worship leaders. Many of the issues we face in our church are spiritual issues, and as such, require spiritual answers.

Contact: Diane Mayfield |

National Day of Prayer Observance

1st Thursday of May | 6:00 AM–6:00 PM | Baskin Chapel

We support the national prayer emphasis by opening our building for you to come and participate in a guided time to pray for our country, government, schools, and more.


Free resources to enhance your prayer experience are available at the Prayer Resources Turnstile at Entrance B, near Baskin Chapel.