Student Ministry Connect Groups

Connect Groups are an off campus small group ministry aiding students in reaching their peers where they live, attend school, work, and where they play. A Connect Group's goal is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the communities around us and to bridge them back to the local church body.

How does it happen?

Students will begin groups based on affinity, school groups, friend groups, or even non-friend groups, meet on a regular basis, and do Kingdom work in various forms.

When do they start?

Connect Groups start periodically throughout the summer and continue starting into the fall. Typically, group leaders associated with the Brentwood Baptist Student Ministry will commit to serve anywhere from 8-12 weeks (though exceptions may apply). The commencement for the summer groups will be on August 18, however they will resume again for the fall term shortly after.

Where do they meet?

Wherever is most convenient to the group (coffee shop, basketball court, park, etc.)
Home bases (Home bases that volunteer their home would only be used if connect groups have no other location to meet)

A home base is a location in which a family has volunteered their home for students to meet in there groups on a regular basis (home base subject to approval).

Contact us for more details or to volunteer your home as a base:

Julia Kasick |
Aaron Kunz |