Each Week for Students

Grades 6-12


  • 8:00 AM | RM 1002
    Middle School
    Breakfast Club
  • 8:00 AM | RM 1006
    High School
    Breakfast Club
  • 9:30 AM | Hudson Hall
    Bible Study
  • 11:00 AM | RM 1002
    Student Bible Study



  • 6:15 PM | Hudson Hall
    Large Group Worship
  • 6:40 PM | Hudson Hall
    LIFE Groups

Life is an incredible journey—and being a student is one of the most incredible parts of that journey.

As fifth graders turn into sixth graders and twelfth graders prepare for college, things continue to change in new ways that can be exciting and sometimes a little scary.

The Student Ministry at Brentwood Baptist is here to help students adjust to these changes and embrace the life God has for them as they believe, belong, and become who He wants them to be.

Each week, students gather together in the Connection Center, a facility equipped with a café, 3-on-3 basketball courts, and more. Here, they worship together, build community through LIFE Groups, and serve through mission trips, most recently to Chicago and Vancouver.

Together with camps, retreats, and lots of day-to-day connecting, students and their parents can find the fun, resources, and support they need to navigate this section of life's highway, easily accessed at Exit71.

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