• How do I register?

    Registering online is a convenient way to secure your spot in BWAC this semester. However, if you have questions or would prefer to discuss your registration, please call us at 615.324.6285.

    Also, tuition payments can be made in a number of ways, so you are not required to pay any fees while registering online. For your convenience, however, we do offer online payment of tuition or other fees.

  • Is BWAC strictly for children or can adults enroll?

    Both adults and children are welcome to enroll. Many adults are already enrolled in the program. Also, both beginners and more advanced students will find attentive help to develop as an artist.

  • Does BWAC have minimum age suggestions for music lessons?


    Age 12 and up

    Age 5 and up (ability to read is helpful)

    Woodwinds - Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone
    Age 10 and up (all permanent teeth in place)

    Brass -Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba
    Age 10 and up

    Strings - Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass
    Age 5 and up

    Age 8 and up

    Age 7 and up

    Guitars - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar
    Age 10 and up (unless previous music lessons)

  • Do students have to be church members?

    Enrollment is open to the public and not reserved to church members. In fact, we will soon begin advertising in local magazines and papers. One of the purposes of BWAC is to foster relationships between BBC and our community.

  • How much are lessons? How does it compare to other music/dance studios?

    Private music lessons are $30 per half-hour lesson and taught by qualified musicians from within our congregation. In a study of several other fine art schools, most were charging $30 per half-hour lesson. While you may be able to find an occasional teacher or studio that charges less, there are definitely advantages to enrolling at BWAC. Just a few of which are: convenient locations, safety of children, Christian instructors, great variety of performance opportunities, multiple areas of study and getting connected to a larger community of musicians and artists.

  • Has tuition gone up?

    The tuition at BWAC has changed only twice since we began in January of 2005. Our current tuition amounts to $30 per half-hour lesson.

    What does change each semester is the number of lessons/classes in a semester, due to the number of weeks involved. Typically, spring semesters will last about 16 weeks, summer semesters will last 6 weeks, and fall semesters will last about 14 weeks. This change in the number of weeks (lessons/classes) causes the tuition totals to vary slightly each semester. However, the cost per lesson/class remains the same.

  • When is my tuition payment due?

    Tuition for each semester is due by the first lesson. Multiple payment options are also available. See Current Semester information for details.

  • How are lessons scheduled?

    After a student is registered and we have received your registration fee, an Instructor will contact you to determine a mutually acceptable day and time for your lesson. (Please note: Students that register after the deadline may find an instructor’s schedule already full or that there are no openings at the student’s preferred times.)

  • My child is younger than the recommended ages. Can he/she still take lessons?

    The recommended ages are general guidelines. If the student is younger than those recommendations, but very interested in learning, a conversation or meeting with the Instructor may be needed to assess the student’s maturity. If you would like to speak with someone about this, please contact Jacqueline Weiss, the BWAC Administrator at 324-6285 or jweiss@brentwoodbaptist.com, and she will have the appropriate Instructor contact you.

  • Are there discounts for multiple children from the same family?

    At this time we cannot offer discounts for multiple students, except that the registration fee is per family, not per student.

  • Are there scholarships available?

    A very small number of scholarships are now available. The number and dollar amount of scholarships may vary from one semester to another. At this point, scholarships will not carry over from one semester to another. Scholarships will be determined by an objective group of BWAC staff members after the registration deadline has passed, but before lessons begin.

    Apply for a scholarship

    For questions or more information, contact Jacqueline Weiss at 615.324.6285.

  • Can I make a donation for a scholarship or for BWAC in general?

    Scholarship donations or general donations for BWAC are always welcome.

    Scholarship Donations: Each semester there are students who would like to have music/dance lessons, but can’t due to financial constraints. YOU could help one of these students to develop their skills and allow a new generation to be trained in the worshiping arts. This is also an excellent way to honor a loved one (living or deceased) by starting a scholarship in their name. (for example, the “John W. Doe” Music Scholarship).

    General Donations: BWAC is always in need of additional music & dance equipment, advertising, computers, and administration resources. If you would like to contribute to this ministry to ensure that a new generation of worshippers is trained in the arts, we would love to help you with that.

    Call us at 615.324.6285.

  • Can I donate an instrument?

    If you have instruments stored away that you would like to donate to our church, please contact Mike Lawrence at 615-324-6139.

    (We will refurbish them and allow students to use them.)

  • What are the requirements of Instructors?

    Requirements for BWAC Instructors are as follows:

    • They must profess to be a Christian.
    • They must consent to background checks. (Criminal, credit, and driving records are checked.)
    • They must be active in the Brentwood Baptist Worship Ministry (choir, orchestra, dance team, etc.)
    • They must agree to obey the policies of BWAC.

    (BWAC Instructors are all qualified artists from within our own congregation. While there is presently no requirement for a degree in a particular area, Instructors are compensated based on their education and prior teaching experience.)